Whole House Inspection up to 2000 sq. ft$250.00*
Over 2000 sq. ft.add $30.00 for each
additional 500 sq.ft.
*$30.00 Surcharge If Paid At Closing, credit card required to secure payment.
Single Item Inspection$75.00
Multi-Family DwellingBy Bid
Pool and Hot Tubs$40.00
Sprinkler Systems$40.00
Outbuildings (with no plumbing)$25.00
Radon Gas Measurement$125.00
Additional HVAC unit (each)$30.00
Additional Electrical panel (each)$10.00
Bore Scope Wall Cavity Review (min.) (3 holes)$50.00
Duct Work Vido Camera Inspection$125.00
*Payment is due at the time of the inspection. Delayed Payment may be accepted with advance notice and a credit card guarantee. A $30.00 fee will also be charged.

All Inspections are Performed in Accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the State of Kansas

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Inspection Fee is Due at the Time of Service

Fee Schedule